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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Janice Man

Janice Man shot recently for the famous brand REVLON new hair product ads, talking about hair care tips, Janice said trendy hair, she went to buy some high quality hair products, or hair may be easily damaged. She was referring to the endorsement of hair products designed for dark hair would be more suitable for Asians, coupled with unique mango oils, hair color hair will become so after Shine, good supple, more pretty than before dyeing. Day of filming ads, Janice wear robes, Tube Top, and lying to mat, showing a bright hair, very professional. Janice Jiaoqiao many staff members were also appealing, took out their cell phone camera. Ad shoot near the end, the staff are cheeky tired, but Janice Man is energetic, has continued to put on a sweet, pleasant Pose, free of charge for staff "charge." 


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