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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ford unveils its first all-electric car

Ford unveils its first all-electric car LAS VEGAS: Ford unveiled its first strictly electric car on Friday, a Focus which is expected to get up to 160km on a single charge and will be available in North America late this year.

Mr Alan Mulally, chief executive of the number two US automaker, introduced the four-door passenger car at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mr Mulally declined to detail the hatchback's total range or how much it would cost, but a Ford spokesman said the Focus Electric's mileage on a single charge would be 'competitive' with similar electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan Leaf has a range of up to 160km before needing to be hooked up to a power outlet.

Ford said the lithium-ion battery in the Focus, which has a top speed of 136kmh can be fully charged at a home 240V charging station in three to four hours, half the time of the Leaf.

Mr Mulally acknowledged the need for regular charges would be seen as a drawback by some customers.


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