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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diana Karazon Images - Arab Celebrities

She is Diana Karazon born in October 1983. studied aviaton sciences in Amman private university in Jordan. and dreamt to fly a thing that she did by her singing career. Her father was musician playing guitar and a member of Jordanian artists association. this thing plants the music love deep in her heart since she was a child. She sang then the songs of music arabic legend (Om Kolthoum) and the children songs. as well as participating in many concerts in the national days of Jordan. she liked music and for the sake of music she tasted the taste of winning mostly and the loss sometimes.

She was involved in many Jordanian activities. and she participated in (Dubai festival for amateurs 2000 where she won the third rank. the last competition she particiapated in before Super Star(arab idol) was in mbc radistation for the best voice and she won it.

Diana felt the ipmortance of the superstar program due to the mass advertisements before its launch.and she didn't believe her eyes when she got a call from the program officials asking her to be one member of the crowds that applied to the program. so she left to Syria.

she says: "I couldn't sleep the whole night. i left Jordan at 4:00 am to reach Damascus at 10:30 am. my turn to perform the audition didn't came till 6:00 pm due to the high number of contestants. I felt afraid then a usual thing for a contestant performing before a judge committe ,but I said to myself that I came to prove my talent so I trusted God.

I sat down beside the thousands who were there listening to this and that without changing my trust. when i finished my audition I was crying crying, everyone thought i lost but I was speechless just crying"

" I remember when i passed the first round I recieved thousands of calls congratulting me, so i put my cell. phone on- charge for the whole time. my family recieved such calls at home too. I was so happy then, I felt that this is the true crown i want. in the next day I went to the university , accidently i put the blue scarf that i wore in the program... the students were cheering ( hey , this is the super star) and i 've heared alot of wishes to do well in the program to honor my country's name."


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