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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Austria Airbrush Body Paint

Airbrush Body Painting
Body painting, unlike tattooing, is a temporary artistic expression on the surface of the body. Body painting may be one of the oldest forms of artistic expressionism in existence to date and can be done in various methods. Airbrush body painting is arguably the easiest and most successful method of body painting.
Austria Airbrush Body PaintAustria Airbrush Body Paint

Modern Uses
Airbrush body painting is used in various applications in the modern world. While most people think of Hollywood or sunless tanning, people fail to recognize the most common, non-taboo use of airbrush body painting: camouflage. Militaries the world over have begun to use airbrush body painting for the application of more realistic-looking camouflage for snipers and other military personnel.
Austria Airbrush Body PaintAustria Airbrush Body Paint

Artisian Festivals
Airbrush body painting and other methods of body painting are now celebrated forms of art at body painting festivals. Airbrush is a professional trade as well as an amateur hobby, and body-painting festivals are places where both groups can express themselves and gain admiration and attention. Body painting festivals are a celebrated enough affair that there is even an annual World Body Painting Festival in Seeboden, Austria. The American Body Arts Festival and U.S. Body Painting Festival are body painting festivals found in the United States, but body painting can be found at various other events, such as the Music and Arts Festival celebrated annually in Manchester, TN, commonly referred to as Bonnaroo.


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