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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Body paintingin various categories

Bodypainting is one form of body painting. Unlike a tattoo, the ink used to paint the body are not permanent because the only hold up to several hours, but there is also resistant to several weeks depending on demand.
Bodypainting it self has been known since the 12th century, in ancient times many tribes who painted the body for various rituals, one of the ancient tradition that has continued until now that is merajah or hand painting with henna for the bride to be married (usually in Arabic and Indian)

There are several types of body painting, to the extent called facepainting face, hands called Hand painting the whole body is called bodypainting while for images on a smaller scale can also be referred to as a Temporary Tattoo.
If we learn to make Up artist will be taught the basic techniques of painting this body, because bodypainting widely applied in various activities such as performing arts and theater, carnival, magazine cover model (Demi Moore had become the cover of Vanity Fair with her body painted only) , fashion show and other events.

Bodypainting is increasingly popular after the contest Miss Universe 2010 and then held a photocall contestants who had painted her body some are topless so invite criticism. But despite the controversy, in fact bodypainting not always have to paint on a topless body, participants from Asia usually wear cloth chest and the artists were still able to paint on cloth and body model so it does not reduce its beauty.


Because beauty is enchanting and expertise bodypainting artists are often invited admiration, then this body art enthusiasts progressively increased rapidly, so the artists decided to hold annual bodypainting festival be held every July.

Bodypainting festival held since 2006 and for 2010 was held at the Bodensee Austria, last July and followed by various countries to compete award for the category: Bodypainting with brush, Facepainting, Airbrush Bodypainting, Bodypainting with UV-effect (paint glow in the dark), Special Bodypainting Effects, Special Effects Make Up.


After 13 years of memories and growth the world’s most important bodypainting event, the World Bodypainting Festival with the World Championships of body art, has found a magical and charming


The crew of the WBF has listened to the wishes of many artists and come up with a location that offers many years of new memories. Near to the state capitol of Klagenfurt the new location on the lake "Wörthersee" offers easier travel access plus great socializing and inspiration.
The town Pörtschach, the most impressive location in the state, surrounded by turquoise water is the perfect backdrop for the art form. The date is set from the 27th June to 3rd July 2011.


Artists, photographers, musicians from over 40 nations worldwide will visit the World Bodypainting Festival and thousands of visitors will share the world’s most colourful event.


The highlight is of course the presentation of the World Awards in various categories. Bodypainting in many variations will be presented within the 3 main days along with music, dance and show. Art exhibitions, the WBF Acadmey program, a trade show area, market place and electronic music can be seen at the Red Bull Media House co production. Hundreds of journalists and photographers will spread publishing’s of the beautiful bodyart with the stunning backdrop of the lake "Woerthersee".



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