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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi is 40 year old (born 11th May 1970). And many still regard her as a sex symbol & her father said that people have actually made her a sex symbol. Some people have only called her cheap.

Anyhow she is best remembered for the Kama Sutra condom campaign which she endorsed and used as a medium to talk about AIDS awareness. She has hosted Celebrity talk shows since 2004 one of which formerly titled Not just Page 3 was later known as Just Pooja. It was telecast on the channel, zOOm. She has won multiple awards for this show and did over a 100 episodes.

Govinda had severe problems with her dress sense in the 90s & they too had a little battle over it. Pooja Bedi said that Govinda looked repulsive with his clothes on.

There was a time when I thought Pooja Bedi was sexy & that was early 90s but I don’t find her sexy anymore. I think she’s a very ordinary looking woman. If she wears clothes properly, no one will even notice her. Some of her questions in Just Pooja only depicted her as a shallow human. The elites are the same everywhere & there is always some Pooja Bedi & some Karan Johar to observe their peculiar gestures & habits while standing somewhere in the corner.

In fact her pics reminded me of Priyanka’s dialogue in Aitraaz:

‘Kya lo gay…kuch thunda or something hot?’

Par yahan na kuch thunda hai or na hot! All the pics are alike. In fact, there is stress on only 2, 3 things & the world has been revolving around those things since time immemorial, so it doesn’t really matter. Lately in Koffee with Karan, Saif said that I am Godzilla in the size department. Similarly, Pooja Bedi wants us to think about stuff we have been thinking about & yet we don’t feel like thinking when Saif or Pooja show us the glimpse of you-know-what.

I think Malaika Arora & Mallika Sherawat are 2 Indian ladies who look sexy even when they don’t reveal. They are indeed sexy & I think it comes naturally to them.They never try hard.


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